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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  January 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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now at seven...a student is coming to the defense of her details surrounding the in-class slap that has an educator off the job tonight. he was trusted to protect a college campus... but authorities are indicting thomas more's safety director on child porn information from the school tonight. and 9 on your side goes to the apartment where a local woman says she was kidnapped and beaten.what we now know about the man accused of the crime. this is 9 on your side at 7.
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says she wants to set the record straight after accusations surface that her teacher slapped another student. 9 on your side's ashley zilka is live with a new side to the story we first reported yesterday.ashley? i spoke to one student who says it's been a stressful and chaotic week without their teacher. the woman in question is on paid administrative leave while the investigation takes place. but this student says the incident has been blown out of proportion. 05:23 the second that she did it she said oh my goodness. i should not have done that. i am very sorry. 27a live oaks student- who didn't want to be identified- says her teacher did nothing wrong. on thursday- two girls got into an argument in her cosmetology class and the teacher stepped in to break it up04:17 it was getting out of head. they were yelling and cussing and screaming at each other. 21a sudden hand movement by the instructor changed everything. the teacher- now suspended. 4:27 she approached them and repeatedly side stop, stop please go to my office. she
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them had stopped, however, the other had not. 36the student's family says the teacher slapped her once the face, then apologized, saying her motherly instincts kicked in. but this witness says it's an exaggeration.05:12 to say it was a smack is a little overdramatized. it was more of a tap. it was firm but it was just a tap rather than a smack. 20according to this student- the teacher apologized several times and even cried. 06:30 i think my teacher just had in mind that she didn't want them to hurt each other so she had to step in somehow.07:33 she loves her students. she is very kind and compassionate. always has positive things to say and is very encouraging. 40the witness tells 9 on your side the girl who was slapped talked to her classmates today about the entire ordeal.09:30 she addressed the entire classroom today saying she doesn't want the teacher to lose her job, she doesn't think she deserves it, she realizes it was a big misunderstanding and that she didn't mean to harm her in any way shape or form. 43
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situation like this, a teacher has to be put on administrative leave. that way they can talk to students and conduct an investigation as quickly as possible. new tonight.a cincinnati police officer is being put on leave after being indicted on theft-in-office charges.joseph simpson patrols in district five.court documents say he was working an off duty detail on december 27-th when the theft happened.simpson was indicted by a hamilton county grand jury today. thomas more's campus safety director is in jail tonight on child porn charges.authorities say they found child pornography on robert marshall's computer.the investigation into marshall's alleged actions started in january of 20-14.marshall is in the kenton county jail... awaiting arraignment. the college has put marshall on administrative leave. a 14-year old springboro high school student who first denied the crime, has now been found guilty of rape.
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tells 9 on your side- the defendant raped a fellow student at a house party last septemeber. he says the victim- a 14-year old female- was "extremely" drunk- and in no way was capabale of giving consent. david fornshell/warren co. prosecutor33:20 when you engage in this kind of conduct unfortunately you are put at risk for people who have just horrible motives, taking advantage of you youa judge will formally sentence the teen next week. tonight, a man is accused of beating a woman, then holding her prisoner for three days.9 on your side's rose-ann aragon talked with the man's neighbors in millville... who say they aren't surprised. roe: the man was arrested for beating a woman and forcing her to stay in her apartment for days-- but records show he'd pleaded guilty for assaulting this woman before. (vo)31-year-old eric morris is now facing charges of kidnapping, felonious assault, aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery. -- this after court documents say in
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complex-- and beat her unconscious--holding her captive in the apartment for three days--she later escaped-- with injuries including injuries to her liver that forced her into the i-c-u, loss of her right kidney functions as well as bruises.i talked with neighbors living in the victim's apartment building... (sot) (erica walker- neighbor at complex)"there's always problems. you always hear the ambulance. you always hear the fire truck. it's constant yelling."contrecords show morris pleaded guilty to assaulting the same woman in 2014.but a judge made a deal suspending a portion of his sentence and instead giving him a 2 year probation-- which morris broke--for misdemeanor theft and aggravated menacing--and was rearrested only to be freed again in may of 2015--after a public defender made the argument that morris could be rehabilitated.roe: he was arrested yesterday and will be arraigned in court friday morning. reporting ra 9 oys. new at 7, three tri-state
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by the ohio supreme court to help better the state's criminal justice system. cincinnati police chief eliot isaac, hamilton county judge melissa powers and u-c law professor mark godsey are among a dozen members of a new task force.. to review the state's grand jury process. the ohio supreme court wants to see whether improvements can be made to the functioning of grand juries.9 on your side talked with judge powers late this afternoon... we're told the creation of the task force was not influenced by the tamir rice case. cincinnati city council is taking a hard look at when video from police body cams should be released to the public. the question raises questions about protecting the integrity of police investigations versus the public's right to know about their police departments. that question was debated at today's city council meeting. vice- mayor
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council members want the videos to be released as soon as possible.. especially in cases that have a lot of public interest. "we won't have a chicago, where a year later the videos still hasn't' been released. that just creates a lot of suspicion and a lot of ill will, that's not what we want. " "mann says the cameras are expected to be on the street by this summer.. and the city place by then. right now, visitation is underway for a milford teen who was killed in a car crash sunday. sunday.police say 16 year old lauren wilfong was driving on glendale mildford road when she swerved, overcorrected, and crossed the center line hitting another vehicle head on.a visitation for lauren is being held at the evans funeral home in milford.the funeral is scheduled for tomrrow morning. . still a lot more to come tonight. tonight.including the fiery crash that sent a deputy racing in to save a man trapped inside one of these cars.what we're learning about the collision, next.
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is in jail after allegedly
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deadly plane crash near dayton. we brought you this as breaking news last night.and since,we've learned the pilot was the only one on board when the plane crashed into a hill. the pilot is identified as joel lansford.he is an army national guard veteran and worked at a springfield flight school.he was 33- years old. tonight, watch the heroic actions of a boone county life. this is what officers saw as they pulled up to a crash early this morning on north bend road near wright as a deputy pulls a man from that burning car.taking him to safety on the side of the road.officials say a honda civic side-swiped a all - four people were taken to the hospital. tom scheben/boone county sheriff's office spokesperson .">medical helicopters took
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coming up next at 7...flurries are back in the forecast.steve is back after the break with
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you're watching 9 on your side at 7! 9 on your side is following breaking news in southern california.authorities are updating us on the search for three prison inmates who escaped last week... one of whom was described as the real life version of hanibal lector.
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been made.. two inmates are in custody, one still on the run. let's take a listen to this
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new tonight.detectives arrest the man they say is responsible for a deadly shooting at a hamilton bar. charles mcdonald faces murder charges for killing a man outside the hard times bar on january 15-th.mcdonald is in the butler county jail. tonight a special prosecutor
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were any wrong doings in the 20-15 colerain township trustee race.the ohio elections commission received 19 complaints from residents that falsified information was allegedly distributed on election day.the prosecutors office is looking into the matter.greg insco won the seat by four percentage points. right now - wendy's is investigating unusual payment activity for some of its customers.the fast food chain says its working with cyber security experts to find out whether it connected to fraud. the suspicious payments were first discovered not clear how many people or restaurants are impacted. the founder of the popular bikram yoga workout has been slapped with a hefty payout after being found guilty of sexual harassment. harassment.bikram choudhury has been ordered to pay his former attorney more than 7- million dollars.she says he sexually harrassed her several times -- then fired after she investigated a rape claim against least six women
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harassed by (choudhury over the past couple of years, although he denies the accusations. his wife has since filed for divorce. trials for the other alleged victims are scheduled for later this year. popular netflix series "making a murderer" has launched a protest. and wisconsin authorities are now preparing for protesters in support of a convicted murderer, who many believe was framed by police. police.steven avery... and his newphew brandan dassey are both in prison in connection with the 2005 death of a female photographer. the netflix series outlined the trial from beginning to end, exposing what some believe is police corruption.protesters believe police framed avery because he was suing the department over a previous wrongful conviction. men.">police are preparing for at least three large protest groups to converge on the county tomorrow morning at 10-
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coming up next.the hollywood actor with plans on moving to the queen city.who it is... and the neighborhood he wants to make his home.9 on your
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actor emilio estevez wants to call the queen city home.the son of actor martin sheen says he wants to live in over-the- rhine.he told reporters of his future plans while attending the sundance film festival in park city, utah.he's there to help promote cincinnati as a movie making destination to
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you know, his father - martin sheen grew up in dayton. that is 9 on your side at 7 for this wednesday.updates on all the day's top stories right now on wcpo dot com.our next newscast is tonight at 11..."the list" is next...
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